5Dmk2 – The Little Camera that Could
10 July 2020 - Gear
To understand why this camera was so significant, you have to understand the camera market in 2008. DSLR hybrids (able to shoot stills and video) hadn’t been fully realised. Back then, cameras tended to either shoot video or photos, but not both. Smartphones were in their infancy with the iPhone 1 being released a year

Residential Sales films – A simple guide
29 June 2020 - Guide
Residential Sales films are a great way to connect with your prospective buyers on multiple platforms when marketing a development. With the economy shrinking thanks to Covid, lenders tightening belts and consumer confidence at a worrying low, generating real interest is more important than ever. But where to start? First and foremost – know what’s

Drones: Flying inside – ‘It can’t be done!’
16 May 2020 - Gear
It’s pretty much universally agreed, drones are brilliant. When it comes to bang for the buck, including drone footage or stills in any project will raise the production value for relatively little extra budget. However something we’ve noticed gaining popularity, and something we’ve increasingly being asked to do, is to fly inside. So, can you

Agricultural videography
Are Mobile phones the new handheld camera?
15 May 2020 - Gear
Mobile phones have had a profound affect on our society but perhaps no more so than cameras. There was a time when you didn’t have a camera on you 24 hrs a day – we know, hard to imagine now. In the early 2000’s  ‘Pocket cameras’ were some of the best selling. Big names like