Residential Sales films – A simple guide

Residential Sales films are a great way to connect with your prospective buyers on multiple platforms when marketing a development. With the economy shrinking thanks to Covid, lenders tightening belts and consumer confidence at a worrying low, generating real interest is more important than ever. But where to start? First and foremost – know what’s worth considering. We’ve made a bite size list of the best things to consider when shooting your next residential sales film:

Sales film or video tour: Know the difference and when to use them

The big difference between a sales film and a video tour is what each set out to achieve. Video tours or Matterport tours are best used to give prospective buyers an indication of the layout of the property, its internal features and quality, and its exterior design. They’re great for overseas investors who perhaps can’t physically visit your property or for customers that might not have the time to stop by and look around your show flat.

A sales film on the other hand has a far wider scope, endeavouring to sell not just the bricks and mortar, but the lifestyle that goes along with it. This is done by utilising the wider local area to show your prospective residents the lifestyle they can have should they buy with you.

Local Business

Maybe your development is big enough to have its own retail space in which case great, that can be showcased. However local area footage shouldn’t stop there. It’s always worth looking further afield. After all independent coffee shops, restaurants and fashion boutiques are real attributes worth highlighting. Asking if they want to be included or feature in your sales film is a must. This can be as simple as an external shot of the storefront or more involved showcasing of their interiors, customer services or products. Either way most businesses will jump at the offer, as new residents are likely to flock to them after they move in. Here’s an example of a film we made with the wonderful Gorilla Spirits in partnership with Hartland Village.

Green spaces

Green spaces are crucial to our lives, now more so than ever before. We all need green spaces to help us unwind, inspire or exercise in. If you’ve included green spaces in your development, shout about them! Does your development cater towards younger families?  Then, don’t forget to also showcase what lies further afield – showcase the breadth of parks, woodland areas and leisure spaces available.

Transport links

No matter where exactly your development is, how it connects to the major economic hubs around it are going to play a crucial factor for many buyers. Therefore showcasing how easy it is for new residents to reach both retail centres and workplaces is important. In fact, we’ve made whole films dedicated to transport links alone! Don’t overlook major hubs either, such as airports or international train stations. 

So, there you have it, hopefully a few simple tips to elevate your next film.

Have a sales film in mind but don’t know what to do next? Give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss.