NBBJ Architects

AIC Kuwait

Seattle based architectural practice NBBJ approached us to photograph the American University in Kuwait (AIC). Working alongside the project lead designer Britni Stone, we set out to capture the best of the recently completed interiors. However to make the most of the shoot, we first had to identify the key attributes of this design so all were on the same page. This was simple. Firstly, we needed to focus on their extensive use of natural materials. Secondly, but no less important, was to make the most of their vibrant colour palette. In conclusion the shoot itself was a great experience with university staff and students alike, making us incredibly welcome. Above all, our aim was to create a striking set of images that successfully captured the life within the design.

‘Terrific, thank you Matt. Really a wonderful set of images, we are all impressed with what you and Britni were able to accomplish in such a short timeframe and super thrilled with the final images. I would say you nailed the shoot, bravo!’ Sean Airhart, NBBJ

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