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Do you really need 4k? – All you need to know in 2021
02 February 2021 - Gear, Guide
There’s been a race on by camera manufacturers for the hearts and minds of content creators – The Resolution War. These days pretty much any consumer or professional camera can now shoot 4k (or UHD) and many are now exceeding this, some outputting 8k resolutions. However, during any race to get the best and brightest,

The Art of the Recce
24 November 2020 - Guide
Recces are a staple of video production. Although if you’re new to the term you’d be forgiven for not understanding their ‘point’. So, rather than waste their potential, aimlessly wandering around with a client, sipping flat whites and pointing at the office spider plants, here’s a brief guide on them. Recces – What to look

What’s ‘LOG’? – A Guide
12 August 2020 - Guide
A request for unedited footage There’s a good chance that at some point you’ll be asking your video team to deliver the unedited footage from your shoot, rather than the final edit. Afterall, you might need to pass it onto another team, archive it or want to have a little play with it yourself. However,

Residential Sales films – A simple guide
29 June 2020 - Guide
Residential Sales films are a great way to connect with your prospective buyers on multiple platforms when marketing a development. With the economy shrinking thanks to Covid, lenders tightening belts and consumer confidence at a worrying low, generating real interest is more important than ever. But where to start? First and foremost – know what’s